Staines Regatta Results 2004
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Event Middlesex Surrey Winner Distance Time
1. Mens Senior II Eights Putney Town RC Nephthys/AK/Nottingham Uni BC Putney Town RC 2L NTT
2. Mens Senior III Eights Putney Town RC Staines BC Staines BC 3ft 1.38
3. Mens Senior I Coxed Fours Thames RC Quintin BC Thames RC 1L 1.48
4. Mens Senior III Coxed Fours Guildford RC Thames RC Thames RC 3/4L 1.49
5. Mens Novice Coxed Fours Walbrook Reading RC Reading RC 3ft NTT
6. Womens Senior II Coxed Fours Staines BC Thames RC Staines BC Easily 2.07
7. Womens Senior IV Coxed Fours Staines BC Kingston RC Kingston RC 1 1/2 L 2.09
8. Womens Novice Coxed Fours Guildford RC Eton Excelsior RC Guildford RC 2/3 L 2.21
9. Mens Veteran B/C Coxed Fours Staines BC B Staines BC A Staines BC B 1 1/4L 1.54
10. Mens Veteran D/E Coxed Fours Staines BC Quintin BC Quintin BC 2L 1.57
11. Mens Senior I Coxless Fours Notts Uni BC/Reading/Burway Quintin BC Notts Uni BC 3/4 L 2.04
12. Mens Senior II Coxless Pairs Reading RC Walbrook Walbrook 3/4 L NTT
13. Mens Senior III Coxless Pairs Walton RC Maidenhead RC Walton RC 1/2 L NTT
14. Mens Senior II Double Sculls Tideway Scullers School Burway RC Burway RC 1L NTT
15. Mens Novice Double Sculls Staines BC Walbrook Staines BC DISQ NTT
16. Womens Senior II Double Sculls Poplar, Blackwall & District Weybridge Ladies ARC Poplar 1 1/2 L NTT
17. Womens Senior IV Double Sculls Vesta RC Eton Excelsior RC Eton Excelsior RC 4L NTT
18. Womens Novice Double Sculls Reading RC Eton Excelsior RC Reading RC 2 1/4 L 2.24
19. Mens Junior 14 Double Sculls Staines BC Hampton School BC Staines BC scr r/o
20. Womens Junior 15 Double Sculls Burway Reading RC Burway RC 1/2 L 2.13
21. Mixed Novice Double Sculls Eton Excelsior RC Thames RC/London RC Thames RC/London RC 3 L NTT
22. Mens Senior II Sculls Staines BC Walton RC Walton RC 1/2 L 2
23. Mens Senior III Sculls Putney Town RC Burway RC Burway RC 3 ft NTT
24. Mens Senior IV Sculls Staines BC Burway RC Staines NRO
25. Mens Novice Sculls Walton RC Strodes College Strodes College 1 1/4L 2.15
26. Womens Senior III Sculls Thames RC Ardingly Thames RC 2 1/2L 2.18
27. Womens Senior IV Sculls Poplar, Blackwall & District Weybridge Ladies ARC Poplar 3 1/2L 2.27
28. Womens Novice Sculls Vesta RC Maidenhead RC Vesta RC 3 L NTT
29. Mens Junior 16 Sculls Poplar, Blackwall & District Staines BC Staines BC 3ft 2.06
30. Mens Junior 14 Sculls Staines BC (Oades) Staines BC (Pollen) Staines BC (Oades) Easily 2.14
31. Womens Junior Sculls Maidenhead RC (Wright) Maidenhead RC (Trinder) Maidenhead RC (Wright) 2L 2.26
32. Womens Junior 16 Sculls Maidenhead RC Reading RC Maidenhead RC 2ft NTT
33. Womens Junior 15 Sculls Maidenhead RC Reading RC Maidenhead RC 4L NTT
34. Womens Junior 14 Sculls Maidenhead RC Weybridge Ladies ARC Maidenhead RC 1 1/2L NTT
35. Mens Vet C/D Sculls Quintin RC Burway RC Quintin BC 2L NTT