Staines Regatta Results 2001
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1 MS28o N Quintin BC beat Maidenhead RC 1L 1min 37sec
2 MS38o N Putney Town RC beat Maidenhead RC 2L 1min 48sec
3 MNov8o N Vesta RC beat Weybridge RC 1.5L NTT
4 WS28o N Vesta RC beat Staines/Royal Holloway 2.25L 1min 55sec
5 WS38o N Thames RC beat Maidenhead RC 1/3L 1min 51sec
6 MS24+ N Maidenhead RC 'A' beat Maidenhead RC 'B' 3/4L 1min 53sec
7 MS34+ Y Thames Tradesmen RC beat Putney Town RC 1L 1min 34sec
8 MS44+ Y Weybridge RC beat Burway RC 2.5L 1min 52sec
9 MNov4+ Y Putney Town RC beat Eton Excelsior RC 1L 1min 55sec
10 MS24+ Y Staines/Royal Holloway beat Staines BC 1L 2min 3sec
12 WNov4+ Y Putney Town RC beat Burway RC 1/3L 2min 5sec
13 Vet'B'4+ N Staines BC beat Staines/British Arways Easily NTT
14 Vet'C'4+ N Staines BC beat Thames RC 2.5L 1min 51sec
15 MXS24+ N Putney Town RC beat Royal Holloway RC 1/2L 1min 57sec
16 MS14- N Maidenhead RC beat Parrs Priory RC 1.25L 1min 45sec
17 MS24- N Parrs Priory RC 'A' beat Parrs Priory RC 'B' Easily NTT
18 Vet'C'4- N Quintin BC beat Poplar Blackwall & Dist 2.5L 1min 50sec
19 MS22- N Staines BC beat Parrs Priory RC 2L 1min 57sec
20 WS22- N Thames Tradesmen RC beat Kingston RC R/O NTT
21 MS22x N Maidenhead RC beat Ardingly/Canterbury Pilg 1.25L 1min 48sec
22 MS32x N Walton RC beat Putney Town RC R/O NTT
23 WS22x N SAS Roklubben beat Weybridge LARC R/O NTT
24 WS32x Y Putney Town RC 'A' beat Ardingly RC 3/4L 2min 14sec
25 WNov2x Y Weybridge Ladies ARC beat Putney Town RC 2L 2min 12sec
26 MXS22x N Eton Excelsior RC beat SAS Roklubben 2.5L 2min 3sec
27 MXNov2x N Maidenhead RC beat Putney Town RC 2.5L 2min 7sec
28 MS11x Y T T R C (Hosling) beat Burway RC (S Biddle) 3L 1min 58sec
29 MS21x Y Ardingly RC (Stafford) beat Maidenhead RC (E Oxlade) 1L 1min 43sec
30 MS31x Y Canterbury Pil (Cowderoy) beat T T R C (L Howell) 1.5L 1min 59sec
31 Mnov1x Y Maidenhead RC (B Gorton) beat Maidenhead RC (R King) 2L 2min 10sec
32 WS21x Y Burway RC (L Collins) beat Eton Excelsior RC (Nagele) 1/3L 1min 50sec
33 WS31x Y Burway RC (L Collins) beat Maidenhead RC (G Brace) 3L 2min 18sec
34 WNov1x Y Weybridge Ladies ARC (R Smith) beat Maidenhead RC (V Innes) 1/2L 2min 11sec
35 Vet'B/C'1x N Molesey RC (Bowman) Vet'C' beat Marlow RC (Robertson) 1.25L 2min 0sec
36 Vet'E/F'1x N Molesey RC (Brandon) Vet'F' beat Weybridge RC (Morley) 1L 2min 15sec